About BioWorks™

BioWorks™ is an independent private company in Australia, with specialist expertise in producing Biofuels. The Company was founded in 2005.

BioWorks considers that energy security policies and a requirement for lower fuel emissions will increasingly drive future demand for alternative fuels that can compete commercially with existing fossil fuels and that at the same time minimise environmental and social impact.


BioWorks™ has Specialist Expertise in Biofuel Production

BioWorks' business model is an end-to-end process involving the collection of used cooking oils and the treatment of industrial wastes for use as a biofuel. BioWorks currently produces biodiesel from its base in Henderson WA. Its current biodiesel capacity is 4ML per annum and is expanding to circa 6ML per annum.

The Company has developed its own animal feed supplement, Biofeed that is distributed in Western Australia.

The Company has been developing a 2nd-generation “Renewable Diesel” biofuel that is chemically indistinguishable from petroleum diesel, and which has superior commercial and product properties to both petrodiesel and biodiesel.



Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have about renewable fuels
Registered Office:
Bioworks Australia Pty Ltd
ABN: 23 116 632 136
79 Alacrity Place
Henderson WA 6166
phone: (08) 9437 3911
fax: (08) 9437 6705
admin@bioworks.com.au sales@bioworks.com.au

By contributing to BioWorks renewable fuels,
you are not only supporting a greener future for our environment,
but a sustainable future for our local and rural communities.

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